Having spent years developing his craft as a live performer and songwriter, touring with the likes of Ali Barter, Husky and Gretta Ray, Melbourne-based musician and producer, Gamilaroi man Tyler Millott found a whole new rhythm with the debut of his solo project, The Terrifying Lows, in 2018.
His music, dark and addictive, The Terrifying Lows engaged with a brand of rock music that beckons the listener to lose themselves in waves of seductive guitars, hypnotic vocals and insatiable rhythms. And now, after a string of recent releases, The Terrifying Lows arrives at a touchstone point in his career: the release of his debut album.
The self-titled studio record captures The Terrifying Lows at a new creative peak. Across nine tracks, the listener gets a new insight into his intimate and nuanced scope of songwriting. Moreover, The Terrifying Lows is an album that is a striking, immersive listen.
“A grungy pop sensation...”
Red Bull Music
“...a worthy offering to the gods of grunge.”
Music Feeds
“The Terrifying Lows crafts a sound that’s simultaneously effortless and energetic.”
Happy Mag
“The Terrifying Lows is putting a unique and austere twist to the pop-induced singer-songwriter movement.”
AAA Backstage
“If you’re in the mood for a brooding rock song that’s gonna coil around you like a slithering reptile... this is the one for the job”
Dave Ruby Howe - Triple J Unearthed​​​​​​​
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